1. Emotional Contracting document

This document gives introductory guidance. It:

  • defines what is meant by the 'psychological contract'
  • explains how a positive psychological contract contributes to business performance
  • considers what research into the psychological contract tells us about the changing employment relationship, and whether there is a 'new contract'
  • outlines some learning points for managers

2. Balance scorecard document

The Balanced Score Card (BSC) method of Kaplan and Norton is a strategic approach and performance management system that enables organisations to translate their vision and strategy into implementation, working from 4 perspectives. This document explains how to apply the approach.

3. Succession Planning document

This document provides a structured framework model for identifying and planning HR strategy and succession planning. It can be used regardless the size of the company or team and acts as a prompt for further discussion.

4. Business Strategy document

This document is designed to help you understand the main building blocks of Business strategy, and how to build a Business strategy that contributes to business success. It will also enable you to recognise when you are developing an effective Business strategy.

5 Individual Skills Assessment document

This sheet enables you to assess your competency against a number of behaviors and skills associated with your job role. Can be used on an individual development basis or as part of training needs analysis.

6. Competency based Interview skills

This guide is aimed at both interviewer and interviewee and gives useful insight and tips into how to conduct and prepare for a CBI.

All documents priced at £3.00 (Incl VAT)